Monday, November 7, 2016

Voting - These Books are Winners!

Tomorrow looms big with election day. I have gladly shut the television and radio off and reverted to quietly reading a book if for no other reason than to avoid political ads.

But voting is an important part of our rights in America and it is good to include children in the process and help them to understand how our democracy works.

Here are some exceptional books about voting

Lillian's Right to Vote
by Jonah Winter and Shane W. Evans
Lillian, a 100-year-old black woman, walks up a hill to vote. Along her climb she reminiscences of her family history and how far they have come to afford her the right to vote. This book traces the path of black Americans hard won right to vote.

Duck for President
by Doreen Cronin
This book looks silly, and it is, but it packs a lot of information about the electoral process into the story. Duck decides to run for farmer's job, when he wins he finds the job too difficult so instead decides to run for governor. Guess what? He wins that too, and decides that he needs change the work load on that one and decides to run for president.

DK Eyewitness Vote
Eyewitness books are great, a lot of information with a lot of wonderful photos.
This one is no exception containing facts and history on the whole electoral process.

So You Want to Be President?
by Judith St. George
This is the 2001 Caldecott Winner.
Filled with fun and funny facts about the presidents. Not your typical, boring facts.

The Kid Who Ran For President (Kid President, #1)
The Kid Who Ran for President
by Dan Gutman
This book was written in 2000, but still is a fun read and has a lot of great info on the election process.
Judson Moon decides to run for president, even though he's only 12 years old, and becomes a third party candidate.

Happy Reading!
...and don't forget to vote!

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