Saturday, March 1, 2014

When You Are So into a Book You Can't Do Anything Else but Read It! - Under Sea, Over Stone

Yesterday at my school we celebrated the NEA Read Across America day. It is an annual celebration in honor of Dr. Seuss and focuses on encouraging everyone to read. The nice thing about the day is that we have a 40 minute time when EVERYONE is to drop everything and read. Yesterday the time came and I didn't have a book I had specifically planned to read but I had the book
Under Sea, Over Stone by Susan Cooper sitting on my desk for a few days. The story intrigued me, as did the fact that the story took place in Cornwall, England. I grabbed the book and started in.
Sadly the 40 minutes came and went too quickly. I was captivated by page 4. I have been all consumed with Downton Abbey and could hear several of the characters in the story with Downton Abbey actors voices.

I came home at the end of the day and really did nothing else until I finished the book this morning. Whew.
How have I never read this one before?  It has all the elements that I love: mystery, intrigue, suspense, a treasure map, a quest, Arthurian legends and the salty shores of England!

I loved it, and thought of many of the children that I would try to press this book into their hands and tell them "Read this! You must!!"
I also think it would be a great read aloud. If I could lure my 16-year-old into a break from genetics labs and reading The Scarlet Letter, I would try.

Of course now it is a cold "in like a lion" March 1st and I'm really ready to just delve into book #2
The Dark is Rising
It's also 1974 Newbery Honor Book.

I will add a post upon reading that one and see if the series stays as good as I found the first book. I have known others who love this series and say the first is nothing compared with the rest, so my interest is very piqued!

Go out and read this book too! Or try it as a fun family bedtime read aloud (to my sister).

I have to add that I've owned these books for years and never really paid them much attention. I'm reading the brand new copies from school. I really feel that some of them suffer from some terrible book covers. The new ones aren't great either, but they remind me to add that one should never judge a book by it's cover!

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