Thursday, March 15, 2018

Something Old and Something New in Adventurous Reads!

I decided that I like the quick something old and something new theme. So I'm pulling it out and doing it again.

Something Old
This book is old, and I've owned a copy since it came out but only just read it.
The Thief Lord
by Cornelia Funke

This book? Wow, amazing! It has everything you could want! Adventurous scenes, harrowing chases and escapes, spying, mystery, magic, thievery, love, humor all set amidst the gorgeous background of Venice, Italy.

Bo and Prosper are two children hiding in Venice from their aunt, and the detective she has hired to find them. They are taken in by a group of orphaned children that work for "The Thief Lord".
That's just the beginning...
This is a wondrous story. This would be a great book for a family read-aloud. I'd suggest tucking into the book with a plate of pasta to help set the stage!

The story was a huge hit in Germany and was eventually translated to English and made it way to England and then America.

Definitely read this or revisit it if you have already read it.

Something New
The Explorer
by Katherine Rundell
This book has racked up all sorts of awards in England. I'd like to see it get a bit more exposure here in the U.S.

Four children are headed home for school break when their plane crashes in the Amazon jungle and the pilot dies.

The children struggle to survive on their own in the jungle. One of them stumbles upon clues that lead them to a hidden, ancient city. There they meet "the Explorer".
I loved this book and hope you will too!

Happy Reading

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