Wednesday, April 11, 2012

One of My Favorite Book Quotes...

“(Frances has gotten out of bed again
and come to her parents' room...)
'How can the wind have a job?' asked Frances.
'Everybody has a job,' said Father.
'I have to go to my office every morning at nine o'clock. 
That is my job. You have to go to sleep so you can be wide awake for school tomorrow. That is your job.'
Frances said, 'I know, but...'
Father said, 'I have not finished. If the wind does not blow
the curtains, he will be out of a job. 
If I do not go to the office, I will be out of a job. 
And if you do not go to sleep now,
 do you know what will happen to you?'
'I will be out of a job?' said Frances.
'No,' said Father.
'I will get a spanking?' said Frances.
'Right!' said Father.
'Good night!' said Frances, and she went back to her room.”    

--Bedtime for Frances by Russell Hoban

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