Thursday, April 5, 2012

Tomie dePaola on the Saints and Other Religious Books for Children

Considering this is Holy Week, I thought I'd mention some books I love by Tomie dePaola.

He's most famous for his bookCover Strega Nona, but has written and illustrated more than 200 books.

DePaola went to art school and then decided to became a Benedictine monk (Benedictines specialize in art and liturgy). However, he only spent a few months at the Priory before he decided not to continue his pursuit. Never-the-less, he has specialized in liturgical art and has written and illustrated many wonderful books for children.

He has two collections of stories about Jesus, including the miracles of Jesus, and the the parables of Jesus.

The Miracles of Jesus
The Miracles of Jesus
Beginning with the baptism of Jesus, dePaola brings the New Testament to life with this collection of twelve miracles. DePaola writes that his illustrations are inspired by Romanesque art. The illustrations are lovely.

Front Cover
The Parables of Jesus
An illustrated retelling of seventeen parables of Jesus . Great collection.
Mary: The Mother of Jesus
Mary: The Mother of Jesus
This is a beautiful book telling the story of Mary from her childhood to her assumption into Heaven.
DePaola has also has written some wonderful books on Christian Saints.
 Francis: The Poor Man of Assisi
 Francis: The Poor Man of Assisi
Tells of the life of Saint Francis.
 Patrick: Patron Saint Of Ireland
 Patrick: Patron Saint of Ireland
Retells the life and legends of Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. Tells of his missionary years and some of the stories attributed to him (driving the snakes from Ireland, and using the clover to explain the Holy Trinity).

The Holy Twins: Benedict and Scholastica

 The Holy Twins: Benedict and Scholastica    
One additional title, yet not by Tomie dePaola, which includes stories of Christian Saints is  Saintly Tales and Legendsby Lois Rock

Saintly Tales and Legends

Includes seventeen stories and legends of Saints from all over the world. A wonderful resource for reading aloud with children (I read aloud with my child when he was eleven).
This collection really bring history and Christian tradition together fabulously. This also includes a section with faith lessons drawn from each tale which are a good resource to use while reading with your child. 

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  1. Thanks, one of our favorites is The Clown of God. I get weepy every time.