Friday, December 28, 2012

A Winner in More Ways Than One

Me…Jane by Patrick McDonnell
2011 Caldecott Honor Book

This book is delightful, I initally grabbed it because it was a Caldecott book, and the pictures and cover really appealed to me. Let me add that this book is a true winner!  When I began to read it I had no idea that the story was of the developing passion for nature and the world around her of the child Jane Goodall. Yes, Jane in the book is the renowned chimpologist, environmentalist, and animal advocate Jane Goodall.

The illustrations are beautiful. It chronicles Jane and her stuffed chimp named Jubilee as they explore the great world around them. Jane climbs trees, reads (and loves) Tarzan of the Apes, and takes notes and paints pictures of the world around her.

I love how the story celebrates the natural world, and shows and honors the child reveling in quiet observation of nature and being outdoors.


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